Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer at Rainman

Approximately 13% of women contract breast cancer at some point in their lives, so most people will know at least one person that has undertaken the battle. Our team at Rainman Desalination has been profoundly affected by the disease in the last few years. The two principle directors of Rainman Desalination, Ron and Dave, have had people very close to them go through the various treatments required to fight the disease, with mixed results. Dave's sister, Liz Goldie, found a lump in early 2015. After discovering it was breast cancer and had spread to her lymph nodes, she went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Two years later and it's "so far - so good". Later in 2015, Ron's wife, Debbie Schroeder was also diagnosed with breast cancer, having a 7cm tumour and nine affected lymph nodes. After two surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and Herceptin treatment, Debs is also back to a reasonably normal life. Unfortunately this disease is still taking too many lives. Late in 2016, Ron's very dear lifelong friend, Colleen Sutherland, lost her battle after a hard fought eighteen months. There just isn't enough space on this page to list all the people important to us that have been touched by breast cancer.

Sharing a happy moment during difficult times

Limited Edition - Pink Rainman

With dual objectives of donating funds to an important cause and hoping to have some fun in the process, we have developed a special limited edition pink Rainman system. For each complete system purchased in pink, Rainman will donate $300 to the breast cancer charity of your choice. Hundreds of breast cancer charities exist, with focus ranging from aid to patients under financial stress, general support services, advancing research to find a cure, as well as varying in geography. We want to support the breast cancer charity that you want us to support.

We have made a very limited number of these pink Rainman watermakers. They are available in our most popular models of 115VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50Hz, coupled with a High Output RO case. If you wish to purchase one of these systems, please let your preferred dealer know and they can check availability. Together we can make a small contribution to fighting this horrific disease.