Rainman Pressure Supply Units

The pressure supply unit (PSU) comes in either electric or petrol (gasoline) powered versions. It provides the power and pumping to draw source water and press it through the reverse osmosis membrane. The PSU runs in conjunction with one of our reverse osmosis membranes ordered separately. It draws seawater from up to 2 metres (6 feet) above sea level and pressurises it up to 55 bar (800 psi). In addition to making water, you can also attach an optional pressure washer gun for cleaning your decks. We use only the best quality parts and manufacture as much as possible in stainless steel. The case comes in Rainman blue, but can also be custom manufactured in other colours if required. Please contact us for a quote on a custom colour schemes.

Many customers ask which type of power suits their needs best. Customers having an in built generator will invariably choose one of the electric options. For customers that might be running a battery bank with an inverter for their AC requirements should choose the petrol (gasoline) version. For those that currently have a 2kva portable generator, the electric system is generally the preferred option. However, some customers with a portable generator will still choose the petrol (gasoline) PSU for redundancy purposes.

View video of the Petrol (Gasoline) PSU and Compact RO system