Rainman Naked


If you want to permanently install your system, do not require future portability, and want a minimum footprint installation, the Rainman Naked watermaker is a good option.  Any of the electric pressure supply units can come in the Naked configuration.

This system has the same internals and performance as the traditional Rainman system, with an integrated lift pump so there is only one motor to switch on.

The Rainman Naked system excludes the blue shells, and includes a variety of valves and hardware useful for your installation.

Three main components (pump/motor, prefilter, RO unit) can be mounted separately from each other.  The valve/gauge controls are to be mounted remotely, so the watermaker can remain out of sight.


  • AC PSU:  Length 470mm (18.5″), Width 240mm (9.5″), Height  270mm (10.7″)
  • 12VDC PSU:  Length 470(18.5″), Width 240 (9.5″), Height 230 (9.1″)
  • RO – High Output:  Length 1,160mm (45.7″), Width 200mm (7.9″), Height 100mm (4.0″)
  • RO – Economy: Length 1,160mm (45.7″), Width 100mm (4.0″), Height 100mm (4.0″)
  • RO – Compact:  Length 660mm (26.0″), Width 200mm (7.9″), Height 100mm (4.0″)

Note: The first photo shows the AC unit with Compact RO having valve/gauge assembly within the pressure vessels.  This is for ease of display.  The valve/gauge assembly would normally be at the end of another high pressure hose, and most customers would buy the longer high output RO membrane unit.

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