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Instructions to correctly crimp the switch terminal on a Rainman AC pressure supply unit (PSU)

Between August and October 2021, there were a handful of AC PSU’s that have a minor fault in the crimping of the switch terminal. There is a slight risk that if the connection is inadequate with only a few wire strands making contact, it could eventually lose connection and leave the circuit open. In all likelihood, this would never be a problem, but best to be prudent and ensure the connection is solid.

  1. Determine the serial number of your PSU. If it’s unpacked, it will be located near where the intake hose is stowed. If it’s still in the shipping box, it will be included on the external label on the box side.

    If it matches one of the serial numbers provided by Rainman that is at risk of a crimping issue, execute the rest of this procedure.

    If it is not one of the serial numbers provided by Rainman, there is no risk of a crimping issue. Ignore this procedure.

  1. Ensure the system is unplugged.
  1. Gently remove the power switch by inserting two fingers under the end to get grip. The entire switch should pull out of the blue shell.
  1. Determine if there is an issue by inspecting the crimp on the terminals.

    Correctly assembled wires will show the crimping towards the wide terminal end. This would have squeezed the metal terminal and wire strands together for a secure connection.

    Incorrectly assembled wires will show the crimping away from the terminal. This means the metal part of the terminal has not been squeezed onto the wire strands, leaving the connection less secure.

  1. If the terminals were incorrectly crimped, squeeze the metal section of the terminal to tighten onto the wire inside. A crimping tool is preferred, but pliers will also work.

    A gentle tug of the wire should show the connection to be secure.

  1. Insert the switch back into the PSU.