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Your Rainman is a significant investment an important piece of equipment in your cruising plans. We take our customer support responsibilities very seriously.

We have put significant effort into delivering the simplest and best quality watermakers possible. We also try to make this website an effective self-support tool, with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide and the availability of significant technical documentation.

However, we know questions can arise that might be unique to your situation or failures can occur on rare occasions. When this is required, you are always welcome to contact your local Rainman dealer, phone us directly at +61 433 826 626, or email us with your questions or issues. However, the more information we have about your situation, the easier it will be to assist. The most effective support can be provided if you are able to complete the online form below, which will submit directly into our customer support system. Internally, this assists us in getting the best person to respond to your particular enquiry. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible after you submit the form.

Regardless of how you contact us, please know that photo and/or video is highly valuable in the diagnosis process.

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