Water Maker Reverse Osmosis Options

Rainman Reverse Osmosis Options

We offer three standard reverse osmosis (RO) membrane options, all of which are designed to be compatible with either the electric or petrol (gasoline) versions of our pressure supply unit. The RO options were designed to suit a wide variety of customers, catering for economy, compact, and high output requirements. We have three standard option that cater to the vast majority of customers, but we can make custom configurations on request. Please contact us for discussion on custom configuration or size.

Many customers ask which RO option suits their needs best. A couple of things to think about include power consumption and physical space requirements. If you can fit the 40″ RO membranes, we recommend either the High Output or Economy system as the most cost effective solutions. However, if you are physically limited on space, then the Compact system is the best option. The pressure supply units will consume the same power regardless of which RO unit is attached, so the High Output RO case is the most energy efficient.