Who Is Behind Rainman?

Ron Schroeder

Ron is responsible for commercial and service aspects of Rainman.

Ron is an American born Australian citizen. Starting his career as an electrical engineer, developing navigation and guidance systems for cruise missiles, he acquired an MBA in international finance and switched industries to IT services. This moved him to the U.K. and eventual settlement in Sydney. Shifting to entrepreneurial activities, Ron co-founded an enterprise software company called EmployeeConnect. Successfully exiting this investment after eight years, some time was taken for a mid-career sabbatical, earning two masters degrees in Marine Science and Earth & Environmental Science. There he developed a statistical methodology to utilise vertebral trace element analysis determine stock structure for shark populations.

In 2013, Ron met Dave and Ben with their Rainman prototypes. He invested in the business with the aim of commercialising and further developing the products.

He enjoys water sports such as sailing, ocean paddling, scuba diving, and swimming, as well as cycling, bushwalking, and photography.

Dave Goldie

Dave Goldie is Rainman’s chief engineer and industrial designer.

Dave spent his youth working as a special effects technician on some of the biggest movies of the 21st century. When you see buildings collapse in the Matrix films- that’s Dave’s handiwork.

He’s led a parallel career designing diving technology, optics and sporting equipment.

His experience designing dive gear combined with his film industry background when he was hired in 2011 as a lead engineer on James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge Project. The team designed and built a radical new submersible in which Cameron descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a depth of 10,908 metres beneath the sea.

In 2012 Dave founded Rainman Desalination with Ben Deacon.

When he’s not working on new Rainman technology, Dave enjoys sailing, rock climbing and playing flamenco guitar.

Ben Deacon

Ben Deacon launched Rainman with Dave in 2012.

He’s a film maker from Sydney, Australia.

Ben spent much of his twenties and thirties rock and mountain climbing and traveling in the arctic.

Settling in Sydney, Ben now works as a TV producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He co-founded the Rainman concept with Dave Goldie and is still heavily involved with new concepts and product development. He’s also very active in the sales and marketing activities.

On the weekends, you might find Ben on his boat taking his young family sailing.