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Candiru Fitting – High Pressure Hose End






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rainman candiru fitting field replaceable high pressure hose end

If you need to shorten a Rainman high pressure hose in the field, we have developed a convenient and easy to use fitting for use in the field without special equipment. This fitting can be easily attached to your Rainman high pressure hose using nothing more than some food grade grease and two spanners (wrenches).

Instructions to shorten HP hose on Rainman desalination system

  1. Cut your high pressure hose leaving it 100mm longer than required length (this is your space for fitting error). Make the cut precise and perpendicular to the hose to ensure proper fit.
  2. Grease the cut end of the hose with any food grade grease, covering roughly 25mm. We recommend using “Molykote 111” grease. You may use non-food grade grease, but ensure it does not make contact with inside of the hose.
hp hose end screw in
food grade grease or watermaker
  1. Screw fitting onto greased end of hose. This is a reverse thread so you need to turn the fitting counter clockwise. Turn the first rounds by hand, ensuring the fitting is straight.
  2. Tighten the fitting using 16mm spanner/wrench. Holding the hose as close to fitting as possible helps to avoid unwanted kinking. You may wish to use garden gloves or other rubber grip to securely hold the hose. If friction becomes too high, unscrew the fitting from the hose and add more grease on the hose.
desalinator high pressure hose fitting
rainman watermaker installation hp hose
  1. Looking through the hole in the fitting to make sure hose is touching the internal front wall of fitting as shown in a picture. If its not, continue with tightening the fitting onto the hose. This is necessary before proceeding to the next step.
rainman candiru fitting high pressure hose
high pressure fitting watermaker field replaceable
  1. Grease the tapered tip of the fitting as shown in picture.
  2. Screw the tapered tip into the hose fitting. This is regular thread here so turn it clockwise as usual.
customer replaceable high pressure fitting
desalination high pressure hose
  1. Make sure you tighten this as far as you can by hand as it’s easier to keep it straight.
  2. Now using two 16mm spanners/wrenches, tighten both parts together. You can leave the gap visible between separate parts not larger than 1mm as shown in picture.
rainman watermaker high pressure hose
user assembled hp hose end

Note: Although this is a part that can be used with other hoses, it was specifically designed to fit the diameter and wall thickness of Rainman high pressure hoses.