Rainman Desalinator Accessories (Optional)

In addition to Rainman’s core desalination systems, we offer optional accessories to complement your watermaker experience.

Control Panel

A remote control panel provides a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your watermaker installation. It can be flush mounted, used as a standalone enclosure or even set up in an external hatch.


It is wise to flush or pickle your watermaker when planning to store it for more than a couple days. An autoflush capability eases the burden of remembering to re-flush every week.

Plumbing Install Kit

This kit is included with your investment in a Rainman Naked system, and is an option with the classic Cased Rainman watermaker. It includes most of the fittings required for plumbing a system into your vessel.


As your membranes wear over the years, a hydrotester will be useful to determine when the salt rejection declines to the point of needing replacement.

saltwater desalinator accessories