Rainman Watermaker Plumbing Installation Kit

If you plan to install your Rainman watermaker, you will need a certain amount of plumbing fittings. Details can be found in our installation instructions, but in general, there are four main parts of the installation:

  1. Physical install – no plumbing required for this.
  2. Seawater intake from a dedicated or shared through hull.
  3. Brine outlet waste goes overboard.
  4. Product water routed to tank and testing.

The plumbing install kit will include the commonly required fittings and valves to assist with the installation. However, every boat is different, so there are likely some items you may need to source yourself to assist in the install.

The Rainman Naked watermakers include this plumbing install kit as part of the purchase. If you have a Rainman Case watermaker and wish to install it, this kit will assist, but it is an option at extra cost.

Seawater Intake
5 x 3/4” hose barbs
1 x 3/4” BSP tee female
1 x 3/4” BSP 3 way valve 316 S/S
12 x Hose clamps
1 x 1/2” hose barb
1 x 1/4”-1/2” hex nipple
1 x Intake check valve assembly

Brine Outlet
2 x 3/4” hose barbs
1 x 3/4” BSP tee female
1 x 3/4”-1/4” bush
1 x 1/4” – 10mm push-fit
4 x Hose clamps

Product Water
1 x Plastic 3 way valve (diverter valve)
1 x 8mm push-fit

rainman watermaker plumbing installation kit