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Replacement High Pressure Hose For Rainman Water Makers

Rainman systems utilise either one or two black high pressure hoses. Over time it is possible for these to wear out, especially if the hose is vibrating against an edge of some kind. The standard hose lengths are 5 metres (16 ft), but a 10 metre (32 ft) can be special ordered if required.

The hoses are sold with the correct fittings to make the swap out as easy as possible. Due to the geometry of some older Rainman configurations, the hoses can be difficult to remove from the round pressure vessel end cap. In this case, we strongly recommend purchasing the replacement hose that has the pressure vessel end cap pre-installed.

Two configurations are available. Please use this interactive guide to determine which Rainman high pressure hose configuration to purchase.

rainman high pressure hose end cap

5 metre (16 ft) high pressure hose with end cap.

rainman high pressure hose

5 metre (16 ft) high pressure hose without end cap.