An Installed or Portable Water Maker : Which is Best for You?

Although the Rainman watermaker was originally designed as a portable system not requiring installation, many of our customers choose to partially or fully install the system in their boat. The variations can range widely, including installation of both the pressure supply unit and reverse osmosis case to installing one or the other of the units.

rainman watermaker pickling bucket
rainman watermaker ac portable installation
rainman watermaker ac installed autoflush

Portable Benefits:

  • The system can be operated without an installation process. Ten minutes after receiving the system, you can be making fresh drinking water.
  • If you are a cruiser and a racer, you can easily offload about 2/3 of a crew member weight by putting the watermaker ashore.
  • No extra holes in your hull.
  • If you are space-constrained, you can remove the system to fit more people or gear for short trips.
  • If maintenance is required, you bring the system to a technician rather than bringing a technician to your boat.
  • When you upgrade your boat, you take the system with you. Installing a system in your boat will not add significant value to your boat.
  • You can loan it to a friend.
  • Reduced cost due to avoiding expensive and invasive installation process.
  • You can fill your neighbour’s tanks with the product water extension hose.
  • Moving the system around is easy if you have an RV, live near water, or have another boat.
  • You can easily resell the system if you are no longer getting use out of it.

Installed Benefits:

  • You can operate the system without the need to pull it out on deck.
  • No hoses thrown over the side of your boat while the system is in use.
  • Less concern of hoses getting kicked out of place while in use.
  • Easier to use while underway.