Pricing For United States

To determine the pricing of a Rainman watermaker system, add the price of a Pressure Supply Unit (PSU), a Reverse Osmosis Case (RO), and any optional accessories. Our systems are made in, and shipped from, Australia. The estimated total landed cost to the United States includes the recommended retail pricing, our DHL shipping rates, plus a US$30 customs fee. Rainman watermakers fall within the US/Australia free trade agreement, so there is no import duty and no sales tax collected by US Customs. According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), some states occasionally review customs documents and may send letters to importers notifying them that they owe state sales taxes. To date, we have not heard of this happening. Please contact your nearest dealer or Rainman for further details.

Landed Cost  =  Total Price  +  US$ 300 shipping  +  US$ 30 customs fee

Landed Cost  = 

  • Total Price
  • US$ 300 shipping  
  • US$ 30 customs fee

ItemRecommended Price
ItemRecommended Price
Pressure Supply Units (PSU)
Electric (230V/50Hz)US$ 2,690
Electric (115V/60Hz)US$ 2,690
Electric (12VDC)US$ 2,761
Petrol / Gasoline - Honda 50cc 4 stroke   US$ 3,524
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cases
High Output Case - 100-140lph (23-32gph)US$ 2,147
Compact Case - 50-70lph (12-16gph)US$ 1,957
Economy Unit - 50-70lph (12-16gph)US$ 1,370
High Output Naked - 100-140lph (23-32gph) US$ 2,147
Compact Naked - 50-70lph (12-16gph)US$ 1,957
Accessories and Spares
Pre-Filter Cartridge (5 micron)US$     8
HM Digital COM80 HydrotesterUS$   43
Jabsco Impeller ReplacementUS$   33
Brackish Water Flow GaugeUS$ 305
Pickle Solution Mix - 1kg (2.2lb)US$   16
Canvas Cover For Pressure Supply UnitUS$   66
40" RO Membrane (Filmtec)US$ 258
21" RO Membrane (Filmtec)US$ 248
5 metre high pressure hoseUS$   63