Detailed Water Maker Schematic

Schematic Explained

  1. An impeller lift pump draws sea water up to the pressure supply unit and creates positive pressure for the high pressure pump.
  2. The pre-filter removes particulates larger than 5 microns from the water.
  3. A plunger pump pressurises the system for the reverse osmosis membranes to operate.
  4. The relief valve only opens if the control valve is closed excessively.
  5. A high pressure hose carries filtered sea water to the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.
  6. Multiple membranes are connected in series (double RO membrane configuration).
  7. The membranes extract approximately 20% of the water from the pressurised seawater stream.
  8. The pressure control valve at the end of the system is used to set system pressure to 55 bar (800 psi).
  9. Brine water is released to the sea while fresh water is routed to your drinking water tank.
  10. Both the lift pump and high pressure pump are powered by either a reliable Honda 50cc engine or a fully sealed electric motor.
watermaker schematic