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Rainman RO Spine Assembly Replacement

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On extremely rare occasions, Rainman customers have wanted to replace the spine assembly in their reverse osmosis (RO) unit. This may be to replace the valve / gauge control assembly after several years of use. Alternatively, it could be to install the integrated flow meter into the unit.

Rather than mixing new and old fittings, it is simplest and most time efficient to simply replace the blue spine sub-assembly. This includes all parts from the final RO pressure vessel end cap through to the brine waste hose. To gain further understanding of the parts being replaced, it is worth reviewing the detailed system schematic.

Instructions to replace the Rainman RO case spine subassembly

  1. The RO case has four large black cable ties holding the system together. The outer two cable ties hold the white pressure vessels snug to the shell. Cut these outer two cable ties. Older models might have slightly different configuration.
rainman reverse osmosis case
  1. Grasping the other two cable ties, pull the RO pressure vessels out of case.
ro case conversion
  1. Two retaining plates hold the pressure vessel end cap into place. Loosen the two bolts with 5mm Allen key.
pressure vessel end cap removal
  1. Remove the two retaining plates. Retaining plates from older systems look slightly different.
end cap retainer ears
  1. Cut the other two cable ties holding the white pressure vessels together.
  2. Pull the stainless steel tube so the entire spine subassembly slides up the pressure vessels. The end cap will come out of the pressure vessel.
pressure vessel end cap removal
  1. Remove the old spine assembly and install the new one in the same manner as old one came out. Ensure O-rings are greased with food grade grease before pushing the new end cap into RO housing.
rainman reverse osmosis spine subassembly
  1. Reinstall large cable ties that hold the white pressure vessels snugly around the spine subassembly. Tighten cable ties by grasping the end with pliers or wire cutter and twisting.
assembly reverse osmosis pressure vessels
tightening rainman ro case zipties
  1. Install the pressure vessels back into blue case and secure it with two large cable ties. Tighten cable ties same way as done in the previous step.
rainman ro case assembly
final assembly reverse osmosis case
  1. Cut the white product water hose so the flow meter can easily fit within the blue spine for storage and be set into the hole during use. Approximately 60cm from the end of the start of the hose to the bottom of the flow meter should give enough slack to easily stow it and use it.
rainman product water flow meter
rainman product water flow meter