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Rainman Salinity Board and Sensor Replacement

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On rare occasions, it may be necessary to replace the salinity sensor board in the Rainman control panel. To avoid the need for calibration procedure, the board will come from the factory with a new probe that is precalibrated to the board. It is important to keep the sensor board and probe as a matching set or the calibration will be out.

Remove salinity sensor board

  1. Remove the two screws that secure the protective backing.
tds board backing
  1. Cut the zip tie that secures the salinity probe lead to the control panel.
tds zip tie
  1. Remove the protective back cover to expose the salinity sensor board.
tds board back removal
  1. Remove the salinity probe from the product water tee by pressing the ring in the tee and pulling the probe.
salinity probe removal
  1. Slide out the protective grommet from the control panel backing.
tds board grommet removal
  1. Disconnect the two connections for the LED indicator and the salinity probe.Important: Note the orientation of each connector to ensure it slots in correctly upon reassembly.
tds board led connection
tds board probe connection
  1. The grommet has a slit between two holes. Remove the salinity probe connector by pressing it through this slit.
tds grommet slit
tds grommet wire pullthrough
  1. The black and red wires are the 10-32VDC input. The green and white wires are the 12VDC output to power relay in PSU. Remove all four of these wires, noting the positions of each one.
tds board power connection
tds board power wiring
  1. Remove the four screws from each corner of the salinity sensor board and gently lift the board out of position. Note that these screws are stainless steel, so will not hold to a magnetic screwdriver.
tds board screws
tds board removal

Replace salinity sensor board

  1. Reverse the above steps to reinstall the salinity sensor board into the control panel.Important: Do not press the “Calib” button as it will reset the probe calibration. The board and probe are pre-calibrated at the factory.
  1. Insert the salinity probe by pressing it firmly into the product water tee fitting. Keep the small notch positioned away from the flow meter, as in the photo. This will ensure the two probe contacts are aligned with the product water flow.
rainman tds probe insert