Voltage and frequency considerations for AC powered Rainman watermaker

Rainman AC systems come in either 230VAC / 50Hz or 115VAC / 60Hz. This covers the vast majority of AC power set ups around the world (the Philippines is an exception). These systems are almost identical, except for two factors.

  1. The AC induction motors are manufactured for either 230VAC or 115VAC.
  2. The shafts on the high pressure pumps have different throw lengths, optimising the system for either 50Hz or 60Hz operation.
rainman watermaker naked

Custom Rainman Build

We keep our watermakers as stock items ready for immediate shipment. However, if you have a need for either a 230VAC/60Hz or a 115VAC/50Hz system, we can build it as a custom configuration. It will take two extra days to fit into our production schedule. A token charge will be made for the custom build.

We can create this custom build for the naked configuration. The portable watermakers in the blue shell are designed to be moved between boats easily and not appropriate for custom configurations.


You should ensure you know what power (voltage and frequency) you have available when ordering a Rainman AC watermaker.