Finally living the dream in the Caribbean with a Bavaria 44 and a portable Rainman water maker

bavaria 44 rainman watermaker
Steve and Sam’s Bavaria 44
Steve and Sam maintain a cruising blog about their adventures throughout the Caribbean. (Finally Living the Dream).

Over a few years, Steve and Sam are sailing on their Bavaria 44 “Wanderlust” to locations generally bound by Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Honduras, Anguilla and just about everywhere in between.

In early 2018, it was determined that a watermaker would be useful. They decided on the portable petrol (gasoline) driven version of the Rainman desalination system for their boat. Full details can be found on their blog site. Here is an excerpt:

rainmaker watermarker testimonials

The system arrived quickly and meets all our expectations. It looks quite funky and is very neat and tidy to stow. The instructions are clear and simple so, having opened the cases and examined everything, fiddled with knobs, pulled out hoses, changed the transport cap on the pressure pump and read the manual, we are about ready to go ! All we need to do now is put some oil into the engine, make some space to store it on the yacht and then give a try next time we are anchored out somewhere. No more plastic bottles of drinking water, no more working out where we can fill up the water tanks and worrying about the quality, and no more cleaning of the decks with sea water as we don’t want to waste fresh water. We will continue to be careful with our water consumption as living on yachts makes you very sensitive to the precious nature of water, but we are looking forward to the extra freedom the water maker will add to our cruising lifestyle.

rainman petrol desalinator
Just receiving their Rainman watermaker, with beer in front for scale

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