The Boat Galley – Rainman AC (electric) Watermaker Product Review on a Gemini 105

The Boat Galley reviews a Rainman watermaker ( By Carolyn Shearlock.

Carolyn did an extended test of a Rainman 115VAC desalination system on their Gemini 105 sailing catamaran. You can read the full review, but some conclusions were:

rainmaker watermarker testimonials
Summary: I love it. The Rainman works out of the box with no installation; all parts are off-the-shelf; it is designed to be able to be repaired by the average cruiser. It is a simple system, with no fancy bells and whistles, making repairs both less likely and easier. One switch for on/off; one valve to adjust the pressure. It just works, something that is all too rare in boat parts in general and watermakers in particular.

Bottom line: Our experience is that the Rainman is a great watermaker, particularly well-suited to boats that want a simple plug-and-play solution. Not needing to be fully installed makes it cheaper for anyone who is not a confident DIY-er, and easier to service for all. No proprietary parts also makes repair and ongoing maintenance cheaper and also achievable in remote places. It’s a solid unit that just plain works.


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