Cruising Outpost – An inexpensive watermaker for cruisers

watermaker for cruisers

This article was published on page 161 of Cruising Outpost – Winter 2015

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The Rainman watermaker has simplified (and reduced the cost) of getting fresh water from the sea. It’s not as easy as the standard watermakers, but it is less expensive: about $3,995 for the gasoline motor driven unit, and about $3,500 for the electric version.

This is the first fully portable desalination system, either gasoline or electric powered, designed to be easily moved about and conveniently stowed. It’s designed for those wishing to avoid the cost and complexity of a permanently installed system. Also, it doubles as a saltwater pressure washer with the optional pressure washer gun.

You can choose from the High Output (26 to 36 gph), Compact (13 to 18 gph), or Economy (13 to 18 gph) models.

If you need more info on this unit you can check with Cape Hatteras Marine or Swi-Tec Marine.

watermakers for cruisers

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