Sailing Bluefin – Rainman portable AC watermaker review (Australia)

Rainman Watermaker Customer Review from the East Coast of Australia.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials

We are a family of three, Alex, Keith and Dannii; accompanied by our German Shepherd Rex. We are on the adventure of a lifetime, sailing up the East Coast of Australia on our Leopard 38 catamaran. Join us as we discover new and amazing places!

Video review of Rainman portable watermaker
– Alex, Keith, Dannii, and Rex

They decided on a Rainman portable set up. The AC watermaker fit their needs well.

From their youtube channel caption:

Rainman watermaker demonstration – 1:34 Rainman review – 7:43 Packing away the rainman watermaker – 15:25 We show you how we make our own pure filtered drinking water using the portable Rainman watermaker. Q: What watermaker do we have?- 1:18 It’s a 240 volt AC Rainman watermaker — if you are wondering why we did not get a 12v one, click here – 15:25 — Q: Why did we choose the Rainman? (Pro’s/Con’s) – 7:25 Well in short it is fantastic! Small, portable/semi portable (or can be installed), simple and easy to use! Plus Rainman is an Australian brand and has provides brilliant customer service – 15:27. Q: Why did we want to make our own water??? Our end goal was always to be as self sufficient as we possibly could aboard Bluefin, and having the ability to turn saltwater in to clean, pure drinking water helped us to fulfil that goal. Having a water maker means not having to use a hose on land to fill up with fresh water. In turn this means longer passages without needing to visit civilisation and a tap. Love our videos and want to help us create more content? – Become a Patron on Patreon!

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