Tula’s Endless Summer – Rainman AC watermaker installation (Bahamas)

Tula’s Endless Summer – Video of their Rainman Naked AC watermaker installation from the Bahamas.
– Billy, Sierra and Jetty

From their youtube video caption:

rainmaker watermarker testimonials

Water water everywhere and it is all salt water which does not do us any good (except to float on) UNTIL NOW! We recently installed a Rainman Watermaker (aka desalination unit) aboard our boat and can now desalinate salt water!!!

*According to Rainman the output of this unit is 26-37gph depending on water temperature. We have been seeing the high side of this output scale in the warm Caribbean water.

*Everything that we needed for install came with our rainman unit including valves, fittings, filters, filter housings and mounts, pex tubing, even hose clamps. The only thing that I had to get additionally was a sea water strainer and a short length of pvc hose.


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