Art of Boat Repair – How to make water @ 36gph using your 12V batteries on Beneteau Oceanis 40 CC (Caribbean)

The Art of Boat Repair published an article ( By Alan Jacobson.

With improvements in batteries, inverters, solar and wind power, electricity is getting easier to come by on boats. Customers frequently ask us about running their AC powered Rainman watermaker through an inverter. We have many customers running our systems through good quality 2kVA (or larger) inverters. The important issue is that a quality inverter will have the ability to start the induction motor, whereas lower quality ones may not. You also need to consider the overall power feeding in, which you should discuss with your electrician.

Alan Jacobson spent significant time researching and crystallising his views the subject. It is worth a read if you are interested in the topic. He wants comments as well, so let him know if you agree or disagree with his thoughts at the bottom of his article.

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