Fresh water anywhere… Beach desalination in Greece

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Svilen Spasov in Greece sent through a photo of his original Rainman petrol powered desalination system that he uses for beach camping. It was accompanied by some kind words about our system.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials

I was looking for a portable system that can be easily carrier on a boat and a car while I go camping on isolated islands in Greece and places where fresh water source is really far away (80-100km).

After a lot of reseach, reading reviews and watching videos of different system I figured that high output system is the smartest choice. My 2 options that fit the budget and was intended to meet all my requirements were:

  • Rainmain Desalination System with Petrol Engine
  • [Competing American Brand] with 12V batteries

Although the [Competing American Brand] system is said to produce ~50 liters per hour you really need big batteries which are heavy and a lot of solar panels to charge them so the idea of portable is a dream. Here Rainman system beats the [Competing American Brand] with Rainman’s High Output RO that one can use with the same High Pressure Unit and it will produce double the [Competing American Brand] – ~100-140l/hour – WOHOO!

Next let’s compare the cost – Rainman “eats” around 0.6l gasoline to produce ~60-70l fresh water which is almost nothing. Here in Bulgaria that is around 0.70 EUR at the moment.

So the choice was obvious – Rainman System win and I had to try it!

After I ordered Petrol Pressure Unit and Economy RO Membrane I was eager to try it and went to a well known spot in Halkidi, Greece.

Well you should see my face when I first tried the fresh water coming out of the RO membrane – I was really astonished by its good taste. Everyone at the spot came to try and see the system because all of them had this same big issue – missing near spot of fresh water for everyday use.

Now that I had enormous amounts of fresh water I could estimate that ~50l per day were enough for 4 adult people. That was the time after I got up in the morning till I finished my morning coffee and breakfast. Unbelievable!

I want to add that Ron was really helpful with some small details that I wanted clarified for the long term use of the system.

Thanks, Ron. And keep up the perfect product!


Svilen has since upgraded to the High Output RO case. We have also updated his petrol PSU to the newer drive belt design in 2020.

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