Our desalinators can be delivered anywhere – Rainman watermaker arrives in Turks and Caicos (Caribbean)

desalination turks and caicos
Delivering Rainman watermaker to Turks & Caicos

Byron Selman lives in Turks and Caicos in the British West Indies.

Here is his photo demonstrating that DHL can get to some pretty remote places in little vans.

He also keeps up a blog site covering a range of topics that could be worth checking out. www.2gringos.blogspot.com. He certainly does his homework on the products he buys, as we know he grilled us pretty thoroughly while deciding on our watermaker for his cat.

Short excerpt from his blog site:

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials

We also topped up our water supply while here. but not from shore. We imported one of the new Rainman gasoline powered reverse osmosis systems. This is a portable two piece system, consisting of a Honda engine and high pressure pump in one enclosure and a pair of deferentially permeable membranes in the other. A stout old man can carry the entire system around if need be.

The clear hose is drawing sea water up into the high pressure pump, which pushes it hard against membranes. Some of the water is forced through but the salt is blocked out. So we get fresh water out of one tube, and slightly saltier water out of the other. The brine goes back into the ocean through that green tube in this photo, and the fresh water goes into our tanks. It makes over 30 gallons of fresh water an hour, burning very little fuel. No electricity needed. Portable. Makes a nice pressure washer, too.

desalinator in caribbean
Rainman petrol (gasoline) system ready to go on sailing cat

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