Avid diver / photographer takes Rainman to Osprey Reef, Queensland Australia on his Lightwave 14m Power Cat

yacht pressure gun

Robin Jeffries spends a lot of time on his Lightwave 14m power catamaran at the very remote Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. Thanks for sending the details through to us. We always love seeing photos and stories from our customers!

He’s a keen diver and photographer and puts heaps of brilliant photos up on his blog site www.cruisingtheedge.com.

Shortly after receiving the system, he sent us a photo and note about its performance at Osprey Reef.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials

We have now used your water maker in the delivered portable state. Here’s the results of our first usage of your product:

Sea condition- 23.5C, good water with 10M visibility, deck height about 900mm

Performance- water quality 255ppm, volume 120LPH

I like the high power and the simple mechanics of your unit, a vast improvement on my previous unit.
Congratulations on an excellent product.


This photo shows Robin using the pressure washer gun with a Mk1 AC electric desalination system. The current Mk2 systems are no longer compatible with the pressure gun.

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