The Rainman AC desalinator easily handles the freezing water temperatures in Antarctica

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Rainman Watermaker Customer Commentary from Doug Grubert, Tasmania, Australia 

In February – March of 2019 I was the expedition leader of a sailing/mountaineering trip to Antarctica.

We successfully landed a small mountaineering team in a remote area of the Antarctic Peninsula, allowing the team to access several previously unclimbed peaks. We took a Rainman watermaker on the mission to maximise our independence in what is one of the most isolated and challenging environments on the planet.

We were interested to see how the unit performed in such a hostile environment (Rainman’s technical director was also on the expedition).

Our unit was a 230VAC PSU with a High Output reverse osmosis package, which is rated at 100-140LPH in average cruising water temps. We expected the output to be substantially lower than those specifications in Antarctic water temperatures, but averaged 80 LPH in sea temperatures as low as -1°C.

Doug Grubert
Launceston, TAS

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