Sailing Satori – Soft install of a Rainman saltwater desalinator on a Morgan 44 (USA)

rainman AC watermaker morgan 44
Sailing Satori Morgan 44 with new Rainman watermaker

Rainman watermaker customer installation review, Sailing Satori (USA)

Video of Sailing Satori’s Rainman installation
– Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

Our 44-foot sailboat, Satori, recently received a bathroom “make-over” of sorts. After receiving our brand new Rainman water maker, we wanted to make using it even more convenient. We also saw an opportunity to add a luxury item to the boat in the form of a washing machine.

This video and article outline the details of our guest bathroom conversion to a laundry room.

  • Rainman Water Maker Installation on a Sailboat
  • Rainman Water Maker modifications
  • Installed Operation of the Rainman Water Maker
  • Automatic Washing Machine installation and operation

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One of the nice things about Rainman systems is that you can buy them and run them as portable desalination systems, but change your mind later. If you decide that the system would be better if partially or fully installed, you can do that at a later point in time.

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