Interview with Hunter Legend 40.5 owner about why he chose Rainman petrol watermaker (Philippines)

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Jamie and Liz from “Follow the Boat” travel blog site and youtube channel interview their mate Graeme about why he chose a high output Rainman petrol (gasoline) watermaker for a water source on his Hunter Legend 40.5 sailing yacht in the Philippines.

Graeme’s general comments about his Rainman.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials
Great to see so much interest in my choice of water maker.

I live full time on my yacht and only cruise around the Philippines and Borneo. (Retired now). I went for the biggest water maker I could buy so I could have showers every day and wash dishes and clothes without the need to worry about water consumption. Fresh water is difficult to get in remote bays in the Philippines. One liter of petrol makes over 150 liters of fresh water. That’s a good deal and for me. You can’t get that performance out of a 12V system. Once a week I spend four hours and fill up my water tanks when out cruising around the islands and bays.

I did consider the other option of using a portable electric generator using a 240 Volt electric pressure pump. Rainman sells this type also.

I have had three generators, both inbuilt diesel and portable petrol, all of which have broken down in some form or other. I like the idea of a completely independent system for making water. No strain on my house batteries and no additional generator that gets used for other things making it wear out more quickly, including break down. The mechanical drive is more efficient than using an electric drive.

As for the gasoline, I run a 15Hp 2 stroke outboard so keeping a bit of extra fuel on deck is not a problem for me. I store 40 liters of gasoline on board for my water maker which makes about 7,000 liters of water!! Insane numbers for a portable water maker. Anyway, they are expensive but we can’t survive long without drinking water.

PS: The water tastes sweet

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