Sailing Good Bad and Ugly Review Their Portable Watermaker (Puerto Rico)

sailing good bad ugly
Matt and Kristen from Sailing Good Bad and Ugly bought a sailing yacht off of Craigslist, fixed it up, and are sailing around the Caribbean. On their travels, they determined there was too much time and energy being spent sourcing fresh water. After extensive consideration of various options, they decided on an Rainman AC watermaker. It’s convenient to run on their Honda 2KW generator. Due to limited space, they opted for the portable option in the blue case.

From their youtube channel.
rainmaker watermarker testiomonials
Follow us as we liveaboard our sailboat through the good, bad, and ugly! You will watch us try not to kill each other living in such close quarters. You will probably laugh at us through our mistakes. We just want to show how it really is living on a sailboat while travelling.

It’s always interesting seeing people have their first drink of Rainman water. Here is Kristen taking a very hesitant drink on the first use of their new Rainman.

sailing gbu kristens first drink

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