Honda: Let it Rain on your Parade

honda rainman watermaker

This article by Honda was originally published by Honda in June, 2015.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials
Ever been out and about and needed clean water to drink, bathe, cook or clean with? Being on a boat or stuck in the middle of nowhere is frustrating when you don’t have access to water.

Rainman is an inventor and manufacturer of portable desalination units. Whilst this company is still relatively new, they have captured a niche market with a fantastically versatile product. Furthermore they have amazing potential to grow their company and product offerings.

Rainman has managed to create a robust unit with a high volume output of 100-140 desalinated litres per hour. With non-proprietary filters, membranes and replacement parts readily available worldwide, this beauty can travel anywhere that you can!

This is truly an investment! As you can take the Rainman with you everywhere, even when you upgrade boats or need to lighten the load when you are racing. To make it rain visit,

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