Power Equipment Australasia awards Rainman one of the “Top 5 Products of the Year” for 2015

petrol operated water maker

Rainman is proud to be awarded one of the top products of the year.

Article commentary – Top 5 Products of the Year – Rainman Water Makers

rainmaker watermarker awards
Not many Outdoor Power Equipment products have the potential to save thousands of lives – but the newly developed Rainman Water Maker certainly does!

As we discovered at the Honda Press Day in April, this product – designed and manufactured in Australia – is the world’s first portable, powered water desalination and purification machine. Equipped with reverse osmosis technology, this Honda- powered unit packs down into a suitcase-sized bundle and can be used to obtain immediate supplies of safe drinking water by purifying seawater or impure freshwater from dams, etc. Applications are numerous, from remote outback properties afflicted by drought, to marine, military, emergency and disaster relief areas. A true lifesaver.

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