Power Use and Water Consumption Analysis for AC Rainman on a Reinke Super 10 (Central America)

untie the lines

Nike decided to quit her business career and let go of the comforts of home in her early thirties. She reduced her belongings to the essentials and bought an old sail boat in Panama. Even though she had very little sailing experience, she set sail with her boat that named “Karl” – all by herself.

After a couple years of sourcing water from rain or shore, she felt the need for a watermaker. She chose a portable AC Rainman unit. This gives flexibility to loan it out or use it on land as well as on her boat.

Nike’s overview of water management on her boat can viewed in her video.

She did a great job of outlining how she powers her Rainman system using combination of solar, battery, and inverter. This section of the video is between 4:25 and 5:40, and summarised in the table.

watermaker power consumption

Nike also went through a detailed analysis of her weekly water usage. This can be found between 6:35 and 11:45 in the video, but can be summarised below.

sailing water consumption

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