Installation of Modular Rainman Watermaker on Seawind 1170 Catamaran (United States, Caribbean)

tulas endless summer

Billy and Sierra from Tulas Endless Summer recently took delivery of a brand new Seawind 1170 catamaran. Since they live aboard most of the time, a watermaker is considered essential. On their previous catamaran, Adrenaline, they installed a Rainman powered from their Honda 2kVA portable generator. On this boat, there is substantial power available from solar and high output alternators, along with a high quality inverter and significant battery bank. After considering all the pros and cons of running a high output AC system versus a more energy efficient, but more complex, energy recovery system, they chose to install another AC powered Rainman. Billy offers a detailed and balanced discussion in the video, but the decision largely came down to Rainman’s ability to make high volumes of water very quickly and past positive experiences.

Billy and Sierra provide a detailed journey of their installation process. Starting from an overview of the system, how it works, and exploring consideration of where to install each of the modular components. Finally, they show the processes related to the physical installation and plumbing itself.

The pressure supply unit (PSU) that includes the motor and both pumps were installed in the port head, directly above a through hull. The twin 40″ reverse osmosis membrane unit was mounted on a bulk head in the port engine room.

rainman watermaker installation tula

Finally, the control panel is mounted near the top of the master shower, just on the opposite side of the RO membrane unit. All in all, a very well planned and neat installation.

watermaker installation seawind

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