Rainman Watermaker Installation on a Cheoy Lee 41 (California-Mexico)

rainman watermaker unpacking

In 2018, Marissa and Chris purchased a 1979 Cheoy Lee 41 cruising boat with the intentions of living aboard and sailing around the Pacific. The boat fit their needs and budget well, but eventually the addition of a watermaker bubbled to the top of their project priority list. After reviewing the the many options of watermaker brands as well as whether they wanted an AC powered system or a lower power 12VDC system, they eventually decided on installing a modular 9 gph (34lph) Rainman 12VDC system. This would offer them relatively low power consumption and maximum reliability while still fulfilling their moderate water requirements.

One of the challenges they faced was where to install the various components on their older vessel. They put together an educational video of why they selected Rainman and where they installed the major parts of the system.

The pressure supply unit (PSU) assembly was mounted underneath the steps, above the through hull and near the batteries. The single 40″ reverse osmosis (RO) pressure vessel was able to be mounted underneath the cockpit near the steering components in an otherwise useless space.

rainman watermaker unboxed avocet

The control panel is mounted in the aft stateroom. This is a nicely executed installation.

watermaker installation control panel

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