Rainman water maker shows versatility when moved from Riviera 445 SUV to a Riviera 4800SY in Melbourne (Australia)

portable watermaker moved between boats

We often talk about the versatility of Rainman desalination systems. They can be run portable or installed, while the design makes our systems conducive to easily relocating from boat to boat. Leanne and Sergio Cinerari’s Riviera from R Marine Jacksons is a great example of how this accessory can be used in multiple configurations.

Leanne and Sergio originally bought an AC powered Rainman desalinator and had it fully installed on their Riviera 445 SUV. When they later upgraded to a Riviera 4800SY, they wanted to take their Rainman with them, having Glen from Go RV Marine do a “semi-install” in the new boat. The term “semi-install” can mean different things. In this situation, it meant having the pressure supply unit (PSU) mounted in the tender locker and the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane unit bolted under the barbecue in the tender locker. When they used the system, they simply threw the hoses overboard. They avoided the plumbing, but didn’t have to move the boxes around to use them.

riviera rainman watermaker
Watermaker installed in engine room of Riviera 4800SY
Installation notes

After a period of time, they decided to fully plumb the system in to their 4800SY. Go RV Marine updated the installation by moving the PSU and RO units down to the engine room under the tender locker. The PSU was strapped down and the RO unit was bolted into place. The intake was simply teed off the salt water deck wash for a shared through hull configuration. For easier access to the prefilter, it was relocated and mounted onto a nearby wall. They also opted for the Rainman Autoflush system, so they aren’t required to remember to flush or pickle their watermaker. He then installed a mini control panel that could fit inside starboard locker in the cockpit.

riviera rainman filters watermaker installation
Riviera desalinator prefilter and autoflush mounted for easy access
Customer commentary

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials

We purchased the Rainman water maker from Glen Seccombe at GoRV Marine to install on our 445 SUV Riviera for the purpose of having an endless supply of fresh water when boating.

We then purchased a 4800SY and were able to get the water maker refitted to the new boat. It has been a fantastic purchase. Having it enables us to cruise anywhere without the worry of having to go back to a marina to refill with fresh water. We recently cruised up the coast to Wilson Prom and stayed in Refuge Cove for a few days. We were able to use the washing machine, have endless showers, and wash down the boat without having to worry about running out of fresh water.

Go RV Marine is always available to assist if we have any queries. Their service is impeccable. I highly recommend this desalinator, it’s simplicty of use, and the professional service given by Go RV Marine.

– Leanne and Sergio Cinerari

riviera rainman watermaker control panel
Mini control panel for watermaker in locker of Riviera 4800SY

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