Sailing Nandji gains sailing self-sufficiency in Malaysia by installing a Rainman Naked watermaker in their sailboat (Southeast Asia)

sailing nandji
Yoshi, Bonita, and Marley from Sailing Nandji have been living on their Bruce Roberts Sloop Cutter rigged 40ft vessel for years without a watermaker. They recently decided to invest in a desalination system to run off their solar array, and chose a Rainman 12VDC system to meet their requirements. Needing the installation to be in a tight space, they opted for the Naked system with the autoflush option. They run a popular youtube channel and Yoshi shows a detailed explanation of their watermaker installation process.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials
In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we had been anchored away from everyone and everything for 2 months waiting for the world to get back to normal. We are unsure of what will happen next and what we will be required of us to do, potentially leave… As the world is changing so much we decide it is time that we need to be 100% self sufficient, which requires installing a water-maker. We had been getting very creative in our water collecting techniques recently, but with the potential that we could be asked to leave or just in case the zombies start roaming, we are ready to sail off into the distance to live out our days. After 4 years of bathing and washing in saltwater, it is time to shed the salty crust and have a fresh water shower! We install the Rainman naked 12V system, which can make up to 35 litres per hour and runs entirely from our Solar set up. Which means we make water from the SUN! Now that is self sufficient!!

This video was filmed in May/June 2020 as the global covid-19 pandemic had taken a hold of the world. Neighbouring countries had closed their borders and Malaysia was in strict lock down until the end of June.

Watch Yoshi’s really detailed installation video above, but here is a photo showing just how small the space was that he had to work with.

rainman 12vdc tight fit

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