Semi-installed Rainman water maker on a Sayer 38′ sailing catamaran

watermaker sayer 38
More time for relaxing thanks to your Rainman.

Doug and Jeannette Levoune invested in a Rainman AC watermaker a couple years ago, purchasing the system through Brett and Debbie Swann at The Watermaker Man. Thanks for sending this story through. We’re really happy the system is proving reliable for you!

Customer commentary

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Gulf of Carpentaria in the dry season, provides almost no fresh water, except for the towns. It is hot, croc and shark infested, so not really suitable for cooling off by swimming. So water for drinking, washing of self and clothes/bed sheets etc is required on a regular basis.

Our previous 20 l/hr water maker struggled last time to do what we needed especially when we had crew. We asked around our cruising friends, some had big units permanently installed and reported good and bad experiences. The cruisers with Rainman units all seemed happy with their choices. Rainman can be fully portable or semi-installed like ours with the membranes mounted on the wall to maximise space in our 12 metre cat.

To operate the Rainman, connect the strainer to inlet hose and chuck hose in the briny. Switch on power, turn pressure knob so gauge reads in the green sector, and there you have fresh water at 140 l/hr. When finished fill bucket with made water and back-flush; too easy. Maintenance, change pump oil and clean/change pre-filter.

Happiness scale 10/10 for the 2 years we have owned unit and especially the 8 months in the remote north of this big island.

Doug and Jeannette Levoune
SC Reeflection
Northern Australia

sayer 38 watermaker
Semi-installed AC watermaker

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