Rainman water maker customer in the Finnish Archipelago (Finland)

rainman water makers finnish archipelago

Antti Airasmaa invested in a Rainman electric (AC) water maker system and sent us a photo of using his desalinator in the Finnish Archipelago, Finland.  Thanks Antti for sending this through to us.

Customer commentary

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I use watermaker for two purposes.The first one is obvious. I make drinking water on the island where we don’t have electricity. There is a well, but since it is not used most of the year, it should be cleaned every year before use. It is far easier to make drinking water with rainman.

The other use is to fill the boat’s fresh water tank. That water is not used as drinking water since it is difficult to guarantee that it is absolutely clean all the time. We use it for shower and dishwashing. 

I used to fill water tank with 800 liters of water from the harbour and still we had to use it carefully on longer trips. 800 kgs in water in the tank and another 100-150 kgs drinking water is a heavy load and it shows in fuel consumption. 

In addition, water quality and taste is not even close to the quality from Rainman (37 us). I take water from the Baltic Sea. It has low salinity and often a fair amount of algae that can be poisonous. 

I have Yamaha EF2000is inverter generator. The features are almost identical with the similar Honda, but far more quiet. Price is the same, Yamaha is slightly lighter. Rainman works just fine with it.

Ystävällisin terveisin
With best regards
Antti Airasmaa


We’re very happy Antti’s Yamaha generator starts and runs his Rainman system. It is worth mentioning that Yamaha generators do not always do so. We know Rainman AC systems will always work with Honda 2kVA generators. Please contact us if you have any questions about the compatibility of Rainman Watermakers and your generator.

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