Adventures of Sea Pigeon – Rainman water maker customer review (UK)

Neil Ewins purchased a Rainman saltwater desalination system from The Wetworks in the UK.

rainmaker watermarker testiomonials
On many occasions, we have had to travel over 16 miles round trip to fill our water tanks with fresh water (Star cross to Brixham in Devon UK). In sailing terms this can be a day’s trip for a drink!

We have been trying to design our Moody 33s “Sea Pigeon” to be totally independent on long trips. In some countries you have to buy water or the quality of the water is not fit for drinking. So we purchased a Rainman water maker.

This model has twin filters giving the higher output of around 35 Gallons an hour. This means we can fill our tanks in around 1.5 hours. It takes sea water and desalinates it into drinking water. The Rainman was fully portable, easy to use, quick to set up reliable.

We did not want a complicated system with digital controls and complicated electronics to go wrong in the middle of the ocean. The output water was 128 ppm compared to our tap water at home which is 198ppm.

This is a short and fun video with our thoughts on the water maker.

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