Rainman water maker installation on an Aquila 36 power catamaran (QLD, Australia)


Aqila 36 cruiser watermaker
Aquila 36 getting Rainman watermaker fitted

Rainman Watermaker Customer Insight from Queensland, Australia

A customer with an Aquila 36 power cat had a need for water desalination on longer trips in Queensland, Australia.

He bought his Aquila from Multihull Central and spoke with Brett Swann,The Watermaker Man. He got fitted up with a Rainman Naked watermaker and the optional autoflush system. Since he has power on board from his Whispergen generator, the AC powered system with high output reverse osmosis membranes fit the requirements well.

It was handy for the boat to be on the dry for the installation, but this is not required.

aqila 36 cruiser rainman desalinator installation
Rainman AC Naked watermaker

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