New Riviera 445 SUV gets a Rainman Naked watermaker with control panel and autoflush

riviera 445 suv water maker


A customer of R Marine Jacksons in Australia took delivery of a brand new Riviera 445 SUV just before Christmas 2020. It came delivered with a high output AC powered Rainman Naked watermaker with the optional control panel and autoflush system installed in it. The boat will initially be used for shorter trips, but as experience and confidence grows, they will be venturing to areas like Refuge Cove and Gippsland Lakes for longer multi-day excursions. The Rainman provides water self-sufficiency by letting them enjoy longer showers and use their washing machine whenever required, without unplanned trips to a marina for water refills.


riviera 445 suv watermaker
Riviera watermaker installed below engine room day hatch

The system was neatly installed below the engine room day hatch. This location made for simple access to all plumbing and electrical connections. The boat lacked an obvious location for a flush mounted control panel, so the included enclosure box worked very well to provide a tidy installation with an attractive watermaker control unit. Overall the installation took just over a day to complete.

riviera 445 suv desalination
Rainman reverse osmosis membranes


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