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The original Rainman watermaker was our petrol (gasoline) powered system. In 2014, our first version of this system made the industry ask “Why didn’t someone think of a portable watermaker before this?”

This system required no external power source, so long as you have fuel. It is ideal if you don’t have a generator and need to conserve your battery bank. Not relying on external power gives maximum flexibility for taking it ashore, loaning it out, or using it in emergency situations.

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Thank you

Thank you for contacting Rainman. We’ll be in touch shortly. If your enquiry is urgent, please don’t hesitate to contact Rainman HQ directly. Phone: +61 433 826 626 Email (Sales) – info@rainmandesal.com Email (Support) – support@rainmandesal.com Find A Dealer: If you are considering the purchase of a Rainman watermaker, please search our dealer map to locate […]

Membrane Cleaning

On rare occasions, a membrane can suffer from organic buildup. In this situation, the TDS may be acceptable, but the flow rate decreases. It should be noted that in most cases, a reduced flow rate is due to a restriction in the system, clogged prefilter, or worn impeller. Cleaning the membrane should only be considered […]